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Zach here – founder of Principal Property Group. Thank you for checking us out! We are passionate about real estate and helping people in our community with their properties. Below you’ll find out more about us and how we can help you with your property.

Meet the Team

Zach TennysonFounder

My name is Zach Tennyson and I am and acquisition and disposition specialist at Principal Property Group. That means that I will be the one to interact on site with you, from our first meeting all the way up to signing the contracts. I have worked in real estate for about 4 years now, buying properties in both Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. I was born and raised in the area and I’m passionate about both the community and the people in it. I enjoy hearing people’s stories, talking with them, and building relationships with my clients. 

How We Work With IL Homeowners

100% of our transactions are done with a reputable, local Title Company. Sometimes we even have attorneys involved to make sure our sellers are comfortable and that everything is above board. We work mainly with:

We also have a number of top real estate agents on our team, so our transactions are always smooth and on time.

We value transparency and therefore we are always communicating with our customers about the progress of the transaction and any issues that we foresee. Because some real estate transactions are complicated (title issues, bankruptcies, difficult tenants, etc.) they require more time and additional resources. However, we always inform the seller if we expect difficulties during the transaction and describe the steps that we will be taking in detail. This way the homeowner is not surprised and has confidence in our ability to resolve their real estate problem. While customers with simple real estate transactions rave about working with us because of the speed, efficiency, and great communication we offer, we are most proud of the challenging and unsettling situations that we are able to help resolve.

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